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Computer icon, Frank Whitman, CEO of Whitman Technologies is a man grown accustomed to winning. He has become obsessed with capturing big fish, and views the world of big game fishing as  compelling arena of competition for the rich and famous. Whitman desperately covets an invitation to the prestigious Hemingway Blue Marlin Tournament held in Cuba each year. But for all his billions, he lacks the connections to have an invite extended his way. Whitman’s investigations lead him to an old marlin fisherman, Capt. Louis Gladding, who grew up in Cuba, and who has personally fished with the Premier himself. He traces the old Captain to a small Florida town, and sends his personal aid, Scott Byrd, to lure Louis away from his charter boat and procure his services for the big event. Whitman is fully aware of the huge computer markets laying dormant throughout the Caribbean, which will quickly explode when the Cuban power structure undergoes future change. Although Byrd is in the employ of Frank Whitman, he has been planted as a spy to undermine, and eventually betray, all the efforts of Whitman and his new crew.

Tragic consequences ensue, climaxing with an intense hunt and capture of the mighty blue marlin!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The author and his good buddy, Gordon Lightfoot

Cap’n. Charley Bartholomay. a former syndicated outdoor columnist for  Scripps-Howard Publications, brings his considerable authority of thirty years as a professional tournament fishing captain to his  compelling sea story, blending big game fishing and island life with corporate intrigue.

Cap’n Charley has lived in the Stuart, Florida, area for over 40  years and regularly conducts charters for clients in the waters off  Stuart, The Bahamas, Mexico and more. Copies of the THE BLUE may be purchased on line at Amazon,com or Barnes and Noble .com, or electronic books may also be purchased at Kindle and B&N.com. A second book is nearly ready for press and due out early in 2018

If would like a signed copy, they are avaible for $9.99 from:

Gulf Stream Press
3796 SW Savoy Dr.
Palm City, Fl 34990

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